Our Priorities for the Transport Policy

We are the most pronounced promoter of high-speed rails construction in the Czech republic in these days. We consider the new high-speed rails as a part of the backbone railway network linking all main agglomerations in CZ in frame of substantial modernisation of the Czech railway network.

Development of suburban railway in agglomerations is a priority as well. Among other things we are the authors of a new conception of the Prague’s suburban railway system based on a new city tunnel (New Connection 2).

We support system changes in funding of passenger transport services to allow essential modernisation of the Czech rolling stock.

As a fundamental condition for the development of railway we communicate harmonisation of user payments on road, rail and waterways incl. an internalisation of external costs in order to get intermodal competitiveness. Establishment of a network consisted of logistic centres both international and national combined transport.

We are presenting the Swiss experience on field of public transport, among other things, whole-state integrated transport system – one ticket for any public transport service anywhere. We appreciate that cooperation between rail and bus services is necessary to use possible synergies for getting new passengers.

We are not aside in effort of increasing safety and efficiency of all means of transport and focus on intelligent transport systems.

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