Publication about fast railways under preparation

Last year, we have issued a publication named Suburban Railway – The Backbone of Public Transport in Agglomerations, which may be deemed successful due to interest of both media and official representatives in the problem of Prague agglomeration railway development and in suburban railway in general. At present, we are preparing another publication with a preliminary title High-speed Rail Transport in the Czech Republic.

The mission of this book is to inform about the long distance personal railway transport, of its forms both in Europe and in the world, and of possibilities of its development in the Czech republic. The book will deal with construction of the new railway infrastructure, as well as rolling stock, signalling and other topics.
The book extends to approx. 160 pages. The first half of the publication deals with general facts and examples from Europe and the world. The second half presents a possible future design of Czech railway network, from both national and region’s viewpoint. The synergy with suburban and freight transport is also attended to. We shall send you a detailed synopsis if you are interested.

With regard to the international nature of the problem, the book comes in a bilingual, Czech-English version. We are issuing 7.000 copies to be distributed among the following target groups:

 public service officials on the national level (the MPs, administration, various state organizations in the public transport sector),
 representatives of regional councils and of important statutory cities
 journalists and members of the academic sphere,
 national and regional representatives of countries neighboring with the Czech republic,
 European institutions and companies functioning in the field of transport, members of the Committee for Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament, and Czech members of the EP,
 the rest of the edition (ca 1.000 pcs) will be available on the classical book market.

We are offering you the possibility to advertise in the publication. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to
contact us via e-mail ( or via telephone at +420 777 573 975.

We are confident our publication will not only be the most important publisher event in this field and this country in the last 15 years, but will also help Czech representatives on all levels to envision the possible future role of the railway within the regional, national and continental transport system framework. It will also increase EU representatives‘ awareness of a necessity to continue funding the construction of transport infrastructure and renewal of rolling stock in the Czech republic in the next programming period.

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