Basic network of high speed trains in Central Europe

The map displays main railway lines in Central Europe including the existing, built and planned high speed railway lines.

On the territory of the Czech republic, blue lines mark the so-called transit corridors and main trunk lines, gray lines mark the low-speed segments (less than 120 kph).

Explanation of symbols:
dark grey line – lines with speed limit (tilting vehicles needed)
blue line – exploitation and/or upgrade of current lines
red line – new or substantially upgraded lines (suggestion 2015)
black line – foreign railway lines (until 2016)
red dotted line – lines built in later phases (after 2030)
black dotted line – planned foreign lines (ca until 2025)
red line abroad – common project of Czech republic and the neighboring country

Speed parameters
thin line – conventional lines up to 160 kph
medium line – conventional lines from 160 to 230 kph
thick line – high speed line above 250 kph


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