Activities and Services

The Centre for Efficient Transport offers following services:

  • Providing consultations and analyses in the transport branch including
    processing of viewpoints to legislative and non-legislative materials
    currently under negiotiation
  • Media and internet resources monitoring regarding transport topics and
    their professional commentaries, analyses compilation, recommendations.
    Cooperation in preparing the press releases.
  • Issuing professional publications, reviewing.
  • Organizations of excursions abroad with intent to present the transport
    policy of countries with highly developed transport system. Excursions might include e.g. cognition of the
    railway network and vehicles used, transfer terminals, visits to the
    technological background facilities, production plants etc.
  • Providing consultations for the state and regional administration
    organs in the fields of transport policy, transport planning,
    infrastructure etc. Reviewing and opponency of studies and other
    materials processed by these organs. Providing expert presence in
    workgroups of these organs.

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